Thank you for visiting Kite Savvy.

I have been a keen kitesurfer since my very first session back in 2010. After many wipeouts and crashes, I soon learned how to get up and ride, and when i wasn't out kiting, i found myself constantly checking the web for kites to add to my quiver. Thats the thing about Kitesurfing, you need a kite for high winds, and a kite for low winds (and a kite for those in between winds if you're kitesurfing obsessed like i am!) to maximise your chances of getting out when the opportunity arises. You might want a kite for freestyle, and a kite for racing. You might also find yourself favouring a particular brand of kite, and want to upgrade your kit to your preferred brand.

The list of sites i had to keep checking in order to find the kite I wanted for the best price was getting ridiculous. So i created Kite Savvy. The beauty of Kite Savvy is that it checks all the sites, including Ebay, for you. This allows you to find your kite for the best price without spending ages trawling the web!

I didn't want Kite Savvy to be just another price comparison site. I wanted to make a site that was actually useful, and not just a site to make a bit of money on the side.

Another sport i'm passionate about is snowboarding. I was lucky enough to go skiing as a child and really enjoyed being out on the mountains. However, after a few years break, thought why not give snowboarding a go. After my first lesson on a real snow slope in the UK I was hooked and bought my first snowboard. I have been with a great group of friends every year since! After finding the same problem looking for snowboards and snowboarding gear, i created Snowboard Savvy. So if you're new to snowboarding hopefully Snowboard Savvy helps you find a lesson nearby; and if you are already past the stage of constantly getting a face full of snow, find you the best price on some gear.

Happy Kiting & Snowboarding!